Zellerbach Vineyard

4 Acres, Planted in 1999 | 8 Acres, Planted in 2008

Hanzell Zellerbach Vineyard Sonoma Hanzell Young Vine Chardonnay Sonoma Hanzell Boulder Circle Sonoma

Now one of the largest vineyard blocks on the Estate, these vines planted between 1998 and 2008 stand in the footprint of the original planting on this site in 1957. From the Heritage Winery, looking beyond the original terraced 1953 plantings, you can see the Zellerbach Vineyard sweep down the hillside and fan around our two tall Douglas Fir trees. These sentinel trees, which remain to watch over the vines and provide a nesting home for our Red-Tailed Hawks, are protected by a circle of six foot tall boulders that stand close to where they were found in the earth.

Eight unique sub-blocks, planted with six Chardonnay clones on six different rootstocks directly below the Ambassador’s 1953 Vineyard.

Terraced and contoured vine rows with a western exposure and slopes up to 35%.

Raynor-Montara Complex soils.