Sessions Vineyard

4 Acres, Planted in 1999

Hanzell Sessions Pinot Noir Sonoma Hanzell Pinot Noir Harvest Sonoma Hanzell Sessions Boulders Sonoma

Rocks, rocks, and more rocks. The Sessions Vineyard may well be considered the pinnacle and most difficult of vineyard plantings that Bob Sessions created in his 40 year career. The rocks, the drainage, and the extremely steep slope were all tremendous challenges in planting this innovative and experimental Pinot Noir vineyard.

Named in honor of Hanzell’s winemaker of 30 years, Bob Sessions.

Eleven sub-blocks, each planted with a unique rootstock and scion combination.

Steepest slopes on the estate of 38%, with rows planted against the contours.

Southeastern exposure catches the morning sun and minimal direct light during the peak of the day.

Red Hill Series Clay and Loam soils.