Ramos Vineyard

4 ½ Acres, Planted in 2001

Hanzell Ramos Vineyard Chardonnay Sonoma Hanzell Chardonnay Pruning Ramos Sonoma Hanzell Petaluma Gap Fog Sonoma

Lovingly planted by Bob Sessions and José Ramos, this vineyard with its high elevation and west facing aspect, is the most exposed to the maritime breezes and fog that pour in through the Petaluma Gap. With the coastal fog intrusion filtering sunlight on this vineyard, in the early mornings it may appear to be floating above a sea of clouds. A milestone for both men, as Bob’s last planting and a legacy for José and his family, together they put much of themselves into this Chardonnay vineyard. Planted on St. George Rootstock with the Hanzell Chardonnay clone, the Ramos Vineyard is a living tribute to the Hanzell Way.

Named in honor of Hanzell’s vineyard manager of 35 years, José Ramos.

St. George rootstock grafted to Hanzell Chardonnay sélelction massal from the de Brye and Ambassador’s 1953 Vineyards.

Northwestern exposure with rows planted SW to NE against the contours.

Red Hill Series Clay and Loam soils.