de Brye Vineyard

13 Acres, Planted in 1976 | 2 Acres, Planted in 1999

Hanzell deBrye Pinot Noir Sonoma Hanzell Pinot Noir Tendril Sonoma Hanzell Oak Tree Sonoma

Located on the ridge top of the Estate, the de Brye vineyard opens to panoramic views of the San Pablo Bay, Mount Tamalpais, San Francisco, and Mount Diablo. Planted in 1976, this vineyard is the power in the core structure of our wines. A recently installed “Y” trellising has dramatically improved canopy management allowing filtered sunlight and increased airflow to the small clusters of grapes.

First planted by Hanzell’s current proprietor, the de Brye family, in 1976.

St. George rootstock grafted to Hanzell Chardonnay and Pinot Noir sélection massal from the Ambassador’s 1953 Vineyard.

Terraced and contoured vine rows with southern exposure and slope of 10%.

Red Hill Series Clay and Loam soils.