Day Vineyard

4 ½ Acres, Planted in 1972 - 1998

Hanzell Day Vineyard Chardonnay Sonoma Hanzell Oleander Chardonnay Sonoma Hanzell Turkey Track Sonoma

Cobblestones and intensely red soil juxtaposed with bright green canopy and golden fruit characterize the Day Vineyard. Nowhere else on the Estate is the unique, clay-based soil more visible and distinct. The cobblestones abound and make walking in the Day Vineyard a challenge even with hearty vineyard boots.

First planted by Douglas and Mary Day, proprietors from 1965 to 1975.

St. George rootstock grafted to Hanzell Chardonnay sélection massal from the Ambassador’s 1953 Vineyard. Half of the original planting remains while the other half was replanted in 1998.

Terraced and contoured vine rows with southwestern exposure and slopes up to 20%. Raynor-Montara Complex Soils.