Ambassador's 1953 Vineyard

4 Acres, Planted in 1953

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Originally six acres, this planting represents the oldest Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines that are still producing in North America. Now with two acres of Chardonnay and two acres of Pinot Noir, this vineyard adds much complexity and richness to the wines. From large gnarled trunks with exceptionally deep roots, both varieties produce less than one ton per acre with beautiful small clusters of grapes nestled slightly under the large leaves that protect them from sunburn even on the warmest days of the year.

The original Ambassador’s 1953 Vineyard, now the oldest Pinot Noir and continually producing Chardonnay in North America.

St. George rootstock grafted to Mt. Eden Pinot Noir and Wente Chardonnay.

Terraced and contoured vine rows with a western exposure and slopes up to 15%.

Raynor-Montara Complex soils.