Bob Sessions

Winemaker Emeritus

In 1973, Brad Webb asked Bob Sessions to be his winemaking successor at Hanzell Vineyards. Bob had asked Brad to consult with him at Mayacamas Vineyards and through the shared vision of high quality winemaking, they became good friends. Another character trait they shared in common was the humbleness of working with great vision. Bob embraced the style of the Hanzell land and the wines. Through his efforts over thirty years, he has kept Ambassador Zellerbach’s dream alive. Working with the same high standards and dedication, Bob has kept the focused vision of the original team; Zellerbach, Schoch, and Webb. Sessions wines live on in the Hanzell library as a marvel of tradition, rigor, and artful taste. Very few winemakers in the world have achieved such singular vision and left as astonishing a legacy of quality and longevity.