At the toe of the Mayacamas Mountains, we have been farming the Hanzell Estate for over six decades.  As stewards of the land, we have an ethical, social, and ecological responsibility to ensure the sustainability of our place for generations to come.  Our Integrated Farming philosophy is rooted in a holistic approach where the vineyard is one part of an interconnected farm eco-system.  In addition to our forty-six acres of vineyards you will find sheep, pigs, chickens, geese, dogs, cats, turkeys, deer, vegetable gardens and fruit orchards, all working harmoniously together to enhance the well-being of our land and ultimately, the well-being of our people.  Our “bio farm” approach allows us to reduce our carbon footprint by limiting all outside inputs and making use of natural nutrient cycles, just as farming was prior to the advent of chemical applications.  We weave in bio-dynamic principles as well as science-based farm management systems to strive for one day being 100% self-sustained.  Today, any material brought on property from outside sources are Certified Organic solely from manufacturers with strong ethical, social, and environmental platforms.